The National Anthems of the Allies/Serbia

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Boze Pravde.
The National Anthems of the Allies  (1917) 
Srpska Narodna Himna by Jovan Đorđević, translated by Florence Attenborough

Srpska Narodna Himna
Serbian National Anthem
Words arranged by
Florence G. Attenborough

\relative c'' {
    \new Voice = "anthem" {
       \bar "||"
       b4 a8( f) g4 a8( b)
       c4 b8( a) g( f) e4
       g a8( b) d4 c
       b a8( g) a4 r4
       b a8( f) g4 a8( d)
       c4 b8( a) g8( f) e4
       g a8( b) a4 a8 a
       a( g) f( e) d4 r4
       d a' d, a'
       c b a8( g) a4
       d, b' d, b'
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "anthem" {
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
        <b, d g>2 <bes es g>
        <b d g>2. r4
      \new Staff {
        \clef "bass"
        <g, g'>2 <es es'>
        <g g'>2. r4

Boze prar de Tisto spase,
Od propasti do sad nas
Cuj i od sad našeglase I od sad nam budispas
Moé-nom rukmo vodi brani,
Buduénosti srpske brod.
Bože spasi Boži brani
Srpskog kerlja, Srpski rod:
Bože spasi, Bože brani,
Srpskog kerlja, Srpski rod:
Srpskog kerlja, Srpski rod:

God! Who in bygones hast saved us thy people,
Great King of Justice, hear us this day
While for our country, for Serbia's salvation,
We with devotion unceasingly pray
Onward! onward! Lead us ever.
Out of shadow into light,
Till our ship of state be anchored
Thro' the mercy of thy might:
Till our foes be spent and scattered
In the fullneed of the Light,
Serbia's King and Serbia's land,
Guarded for ever more.