The Natural History of Chocolate

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The Natural History of Chocolate (1730)
by D. de Quelus, translated by Richard Brookes
D. de Quelus183065The Natural History of Chocolate1730Richard Brookes



A Distinct and Particular Account of the COCOA-TREE, its Growth and Culture, and the Preparation, Excellent Properties, and Medicinal Vertues of its Fruit.

Wherein the Errors of those who have wrote upon this Subject are discover'd; the Best Way of Making CHOCOLATE is explain'd; and several Uncommon MEDICINES drawn from it, are communicated.

Translated from the last EDITION of the French,



Printed for J. ROBERTS, near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane.



The First PART.

Chap. I. The Description of the Cocao-Tree.
Chap. II. Of the Choice and Disposition of the Place to plant a Nursery.
Chap. III. Of the Method of Planting a Nursery, and of its Cultivation, till the Fruit comes to Maturity.
Chap. IV. Of the gathering the Cocao-Nuts, and of the Manner of making the Kernels sweat; and also of drying them that they may be transported into Europe.

The Second PART.

Of the Properties of Chocolate.
Chap. I. Of the old Prejudices against Chocolate.
Chap. II. Of the real Properties of Chocolate.
Sect. I. Chocolate is very Temperate.
Sect. II. Chocolate is very nourishing, and of easy Digestion.
Sect. III. Chocolate speedily repairs the dissipated Spirits and decayed Strength.
Sect. IV. Chocolate is very proper to preserve Health, and to prolong the Life of old Men.

The Third PART.

Of the Uses of Chocolate.
Chap. I. Of Chocolate in Confections.
Chap. II. Of Chocolate properly so called.
Sect. I. Of the Origin of Chocolate, and the different Methods of preparing it.
The Method of preparing Chocolate used in the French Islands of America.
Sect. II. Of the Uses that may be made of Chocolate, with relation to Medicine.
Chap. III. Of the Oil or Butter of Chocolate.
Remarks upon some Places of this Treatise.
Medicines in whose Composition Oil, or Butter of Chocolate, is made use of.
(The wonderful Plaister for the curing of all Kinds of Ulcers.)
(An excellent Pomatum for the Cure of Tettars, Ringworms, Pimples, and other Deformities of the Skin.)

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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