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Edition of 1905. See also Apocynum on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

APOCYNUM, ȧ-pŏs'ĭ-nŭm. A drug composed of the powdered root of Apocynum cannabinum, Canadian or Indian hemp. Its taste is acrid and bitter. It contains apocynine, gallic and tannic acids, a bitter principle, etc. Its active ingredients are soluble in water and alcohol. Moderate doses increase the secretions of the skin, bronchi, and kidneys. Large doses cause vomiting and purging. The chief use of apocynum is as a diuretic. It may act directly as a renal stimulant and dilate the arterioles, but probably chiefly by increasing artificial pressure. It fails in many cases, but in others it causes marked increase of urine. See Apocynaceæ; Dogbane.