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Edition of 1905.  See also Carl Czerny on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

CZERNY, Karl (1791-1857). An Austrian pianist and composer, born in Vienna. He was at first instructed by his father, Wenzel Czerny (1752-1832), then studied under Beethoven, with whom he was a great favorite, and under Clementi. At the early age of fifteen he was in great demand as a teacher and also rapidly won high reputation as a virtuoso. Among his pupils were Liszt, Thalberg, Jaell, and Kullak. He left over 1000 compositions, of which his instructive works for the pianoforte are of permanent value. They are "Die Schule der Geläufigkeit," op. 299; "Tägliche Studien," op. 337: "Die Schule des Virtuosen," op. 365; "Die Schule der Fingerfertigkeit," op. 740; and others.