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GÖTZENBERGER, gẽts'en-bĕrg-ẽr, Jakob (1800-66). A German historical painter, born in Heidelberg, pupil of Cornelius, first at Düsseldorf, then in Munich. With Förster and Hermann he painted (1832), in the Aula of the University at Bonn, the frescoes representing the Faculties, for which he had made studies in Rome and Naples in 1828. A cycle in fresco in the chapel at Nierstein, Hesse, made his reputation. He was appointed Court painter and inspector of the gallery at Mannheim, visited Paris and London with Cornelius, and in 1844 decorated the Trinkhalle at Baden-Baden with illustrations of the legends of the Black Forest. In 1847 he went to England, where he painted many portraits and some frescoes, of which those in Bridgewater House for Lord Ellesmere, and four great compositions after an old English ballad, in Northumberland Palace, are the most noteworthy.