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GERHARDT, gĕr'härt, Dagobert von (pen-name ‘Gerhard von Amyntor’) (1831—). A German soldier, poet, and novelist, born at Liegnitz. After attending the university he entered the Prussian Army, and advanced to the rank of major. He was severely wounded in the assault upon the fortifications of Düppel during the Danish War of 1864, and in 1867 was employed by Moltke on the General Staff at Berlin. He served in the Franco-German War, 1870-71. He has become known chiefly through his numerous novels, such as Der neue Romanzero (2d ed. 1883); Eine moderne Abendgesellschaft, treating of the Jewish question (3d ed. 1881); Gerke Suteminne (3d ed. 1890); Durch Nacht zum Licht (1887); Die Cis Moll Sonate (1891). His earlier works include the Hypochondrische Plaudereien (4th ed. 1875, new series; 3d ed. 1890).