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GERNSHEIM, gĕrns′hīm, Friedrich (1839—). A German composer. He was born at Worms, and studied at Mainz (under Pauer), Frankfort-on-the-Main, at the Leipzig Conservatory, and in Paris. After conducting at Saarbrücken (1861-65) he was called to the Conservatory of Cologne, where he also conducted several musical societies, and in 1873 was appointed to the leadership of the opera orchestra. He was afterwards long associated, as the successor of Bargiel, with the Conservatory at Rotterdam, where he also conducted the famous ‘Winter Concerts,’ and after 1890 was conductor of the Stern Choral Society in Berlin, one of the most prominent singing societies of Germany. His compositions include symphonies, overtures, choral works, and a great variety of chamber music.