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GILDEMEISTER, gĭl'de-mī'stẽr, Johann (1812-90). A German Orientalist, born at Klein-Siemen (Mecklenburg). He studied at Göttingen and Bonn; in 1839 became lecturer in Oriental languages and literatures at Bonn, and in 1844 professor there. From 1845 to 1859 he was at Marburg as professor of theology and Oriental literature, and in the latter year accepted the chair of Oriental languages at Bonn. His publications include: Sexti Sententiæ (1874); Esdræ Liber Quartus Arabice (1877); Idrisii Palæstina et Syria Arabica (1885); and an edition of the Meghaduta and Çrigaratilaka (1840) of Kalidasa. He was one of the founders of the German Oriental Society.