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GROTTGER, grō̇t′gẽr, Arthur von (1837-67). A Polish painter, born at Ottyniowice (Galicia). He studied in his own country as a boy, and then went to Vienna, where he was a pupil of Karl Blaas, and afterwards to Munich, where he studied under Kaulbach. While in Vienna he began to make his reputation as an illustrator. About 1865 he went to Italy, and a year afterwards to Paris. There he executed his cycle of twelve cartoons, “In the Valley of Tears,” exhibited at the Exposition of 1867, and afterwards bought by the Emperor of Austria. They show his skill in composition. His “Warsaw” (seven scenes, 1861), “Poland” (nine scenes, 1863), “Lithuania” (six scenes, 1863), present a history of Poland profoundly patriotic and profoundly sad. Such works as these, together with the “Meeting of Sobieski and Leopold I.” (1859), have made him a popular painter in Poland.