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Edition of 1905.  See also Tile Kolup on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HOLZSCHUH, hō̇lts′sho͞o, Dietrich. A German pretender, also called Tile Kolup. He laid claim to the throne as Frederick II., who died in 1250. In Cologne (1284) his claim was ridiculed, he was ducked in a sewer, and driven from the city. At Neuss he fared better, and in 1285 went to Wetzlar and there held court; but on the approach of Rudolf he was turned over to the King and was burned as a heretic (1285). Consult: Meyer, Tile Kolup (Wetzlar, 1868), and Petri, “Der falsche Friedrich,” in vol. ii. of Zeitschrift des Bergeschen Geschichtsvereins (Bonn, 1864).