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IOWA COLLEGE. The oldest collegiate institution in the State of Iowa, founded in 1846 by an association of Congregationalists and Presbyterians at Davenport, and incorporated in the following year. The college was opened in 1848, and in 1859 it was removed to its present situation in Grinnell. The institution includes three departments, the college, the academy, and the school of music, since 1857 open to both sexes. In 1895 the collegiate courses were arranged on the group system, and lead to the degrees of B.A. and B.Ph. The college grounds include a campus of twenty-two acres, a park of four acres, and an athletic field of fourteen acres. There are six college buildings, valued in 1902 at $175,000. In that year the endowment was $360,000, with an income of $47,000. The library contained 30,000 volumes. The faculty numbered 37, and the attendance was 456, including 9 graduate students, 294 students in the college, 103 in the academy, and 87 in the school of music.