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KANO, kä′nō̇. The name of a province and its capital in the Kingdom of Sokoto, now a part of the British North Nigeria, in West Africa. The district lies between the Niger and Bornu. It is rich in tropical fruits, and is perhaps the most pleasing part of equatorial Africa. There are about 400,000 inhabitants—Fuians, Hausas, and slaves. Kano, the capital, lies 230 miles southeast of the city of Sokoto (Map: Africa, E 3). It is an important trading point, being visited by merchants from the northern countries of Africa and even from Arabia. A blue cotton material made by the natives is a prominent article of export. Sandals, shoes, weapons, grain, leather goods, and indigo are also heavily dealt in, as well as kola-nuts, and saltpetre, ivory, and ostrich-feathers. Population probably about 50,000.