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KELLERMANN, kĕl'lẽr-mȧn, François Christophe, Duke of Valmy (1735-1820). A French general, born near Rothenburg, Bavaria. In 1752 he entered the French Army, served through the Seven Years' War and in the Polish expedition of 1771, and had risen to the rank of a maréchal-de-camp before the Revolution broke out. He warmly espoused its cause in 1788, and in 1792 he received the command of the Army of the Centre. Acting with Dumouriez, Kellermann repelled the Duke of Brunswick and delivered France, in the famous cannonade of Valmy (September 20, 1792). He then commanded the Army of the Alps, but on allegation of treason against the Republic he was imprisoned for a year, and only liberated by the fall of Robespierre. He afterwards rendered important services in Italy, and was created Marshal of France in 1804 and Duke of Valmy in 1809. After 1812 he commanded the reserves in Germany. At the Restoration he attached himself to the Bourbons, and was created a peer in 1814. He died September 12, 1820.