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KELLERMANN, François Etienne, Duke of Valmy (1770-1835). A French general. He was the son of General François Christophe Kellermann (q.v.), and was born at Metz, August 4, 1770. He entered the army at an early age, being attached to the army of the First Consul. In 1796 he was Napoleon's adjutant-general in Italy, and in 1797 was made brigadier-general. At Marengo (q.v.) in 1800 he decided the day by a charge of heavy cavalry, and was made a general of division shortly afterwards. He again distinguished himself at Austerlitz (1805), and after 1807 took part in the Peninsular campaigns. On Napoleon's return from Elba in 1815, he was in connnand of the royal troops sent to oppose him, but ended by offering his services to the Emperor. At the battle of Waterloo he distinguished himself by a brilliant and successful cavalry charge. He sat in the Chamber of Peers after the death of his father. At his death, which took place June 2, 1835, he left a collection of memoirs which, though never published, have been used by his son, François Christophe Edouard (1802-68), in his Histoire de la campagne de 1800 (Paris, 1854).