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KRÜGER, krụ'gẽr, Franz (1797-1857). A German portrait and animal painter, born at Radegast, Anhalt-Dessau. Entirely self-taught by diligent study of nature, he early won recognition and patronage among the aristocracy in Berlin. All his equestrian portraits, as well as his larger compositions depicting reviews and other military and State functions and sporting scenes, are remarkable for faithful characterization of man and beast and minute execution of details. For the Czar of Russia, who afterwards summoned him repeatedly to Saint Petersburg, he painted the “Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin, 1829,” containing more than one hundred portraits of Berlin celebrities of that time. Of equal historical interest are the “Parade of the Guards Before Frederick William III.” (1839), and “The Estates Taking the Oath of Allegiance to Frederick William IV. in 1840” (1843), both in the Royal Palace, Berlin. Among several equestrian groups may be mentioned “Czar Nicholas I. and Suite” (1834), the sketch for which is in the National Gallery, Berlin, which also contains “Going to the Meet,” “Return from the Hunt” (1818), and “Horse Stable” (1847). Krüger was Court painter, professor at the Berlin Academy, and the recipient of many orders and distinctions.