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KRUMMACHER, krụm'mȧG-ẽr, Friedrich Adolf (1767-1845). A German theologian and a writer of devotional poetry and prose, born at Tecklenburg, July 13, 1767. He studied theology at Lingen and Halle, taught in the high school at Hamm, was head of the high school at Mörs, and became, in 1800, professor of theology at Duisburg. In 1807 he returned to the ministry, became pastor at Kettwig, and in 1812 was called to Bernburg as general superintendent and higher Court preacher. He accepted a call to Bremen in 1824 and retired in 1843. His Parabeln (1805) soon became a religious classic and they have often been reprinted. They were first translated into English in 1825. For his life, consult his Selbstbiographie (Berlin, 1869); Maria Krummacher, Unser Grossvater (Bielefeld, 1891). — His son Friedrich Wilhelm (1796-1868) became Court chaplain (1853) at Potsdam. He was a preacher of great eloquence, but a reactionary theologian. Many of his works have found favor in translations in England. Among them are: Elias der Thisbiter (1836); Elisa (1839-42); and Passionsbuch (1856). Salomo und Sulamith (1827, 9th ed. 1875) was also very popular.