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LANGE, läng'e, Ernst Philipp Karl (1813-99). A German novelist, better known by his nom-de-plume, Philipp Galen. He was born at Potsdam; studied medicine at Berlin; entered the Prussian army as surgeon in 1840; and was in charge of a field hospital in the Holstein campaign of 1849. After 1857 he lived at Potsdam. He wrote: Der Irre von Saint James (written in 1844, published in 1854), the best of his novels (7th ed. 1883); a semi-biographical romance, Walther Lund (1855); Andreas Burns, a sketch of life in Holstein (1856); Die Tochter des Diplomaten (1865); Der Alte vom Berg (1873); Die Moselnixe (1877); Die Fürstendiener (1880); and Der Meier von Monjardin (1891).