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The New International Encyclopædia, Volume XIII
Monforte de Lemos

Edition of 1905.  See also Monforte de Lemos on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MONFORTE DE LEMOS, mō̇nfōr′tā̇ dā̇ lā′mō̇s. A town of Northwestern Spain, in the Province of Lugo, situated in a fertile valley, 35 miles south of Lugo, with which it has railroad connection (Map: Spain, B 1). Near by is a hill on which are the ruins of a castle of the lords of Lemos. The town has a secondary school installed in an attractive old Jesuit convent. The chief industry is cattle-raising, and there are some manufactures of cloth, soap, and chocolate. Population, in 1900, 12,999.