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MONTORO, mṓn-tō′rṓ. A town of Southern Spain, in the Province of Cordova. It is situated on a rocky peninsula formed by the south bank of the Guadalquivir, 18 miles east-northeast of Cordova (Map: Spain, C 3). The river is here spanned by one of its best bridges, built in the sixteenth century by popular subscription. In spite of the uneven ground, the streets are well paved, and they are lighted by electricity. Until a few years ago the town was quite without a water supply, but water is now brought through iron pipes from springs five miles distant, and distributed to 12 fountains. One of the largest and best hospitals of Southern Spain is located here. There are many interesting Roman, Gothic, and Moorish remains. The chief industry is the manufacture and exportation of olive oil. Population, in 1900, 11,376.