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Edition of 1905.  See also François-Joseph Navez on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

NAVEZ, vā̇′, François (1787-1869). A Belgian biblical and genre painter. He was born at Charleroi, November 16, 1787, and first studied under Isidore and Joseph François. He was a pupil of the Academies of Brussels and Ghent, and studied with David, in whose manner his works are executed. From 1817 to 1822 Navez was at Rome, after which he settled permanently in Belgium. He was made director of the Brussels Academy, and died at Brussels, October 12, 1869. Among his best works are the “Nymph Salmacis and Hermaphroditus” (1829), Ghent Museum; “Elijah Raising the Shunamite's Son” (1821), and the “Meeting of Isaac and Rebecca” (1826), Haarlem Pavilion; “The Holy Family” (1851), Antwerp Museum; “The Spinning Women of Fondi” (1845), New Pinakothek, Munich; and “Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert,” Brussels Museum.