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NEVADA CITY. A town and the county-seat of Nevada County, Cal., 166 miles northeast of San Francisco; the terminus of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (Map: California, C 2). It is a popular health and summer resort, being esteemed for its equable climate and for its fine site, at an elevation of 2500 feet in a mountainous region. There are valuable gold mines near by, which supply the city's quartz mills. The leading occupations are mining, the cultivation of fruit and vines, and wine-making. Under a charter of 1885, the government is vested in a president and board of trustees elected on a general ticket. The town owns and operates the water-works. Nevada City was first settled in 1849, and in 1850-51 was the most important milling town in the State. It was incorporated in 1875. Disastrous fires occurred in 1851, 1856, 1858, and 1863. Population, in 1890, 2524; in 1900, 3250.