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OHIO STATE ARCHÆOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A learned society, founded in 1875 as the Ohio Archæological Society, and reorganized and incorporated under its present name in 1885. Its object is to promote a knowledge of archæology and history, especially as relating to the State of Ohio, through the maintenance of a library and a museum, open to the public, as well as by courses of lectures and the publication of books dealing with subjects within its scope. The society is officially recognized by the State Legislature from which it receives an annual appropriation for the prosecution of its work. The membership is divided into four classes known as active members, life members, corresponding members, and honorary members. The regular annual meeting of the society is held during the month of February in the city of Columbus, unless some other meeting place be designated by the executive committee. The society issues an annual volume of Publications (11 vols. 1887-1902).