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OHIO UNIVERSITY. A coeducational State institution at Athens, Ohio, organized in 1804, two townships of land having been set aside for the founding of a university by the terms of the purchase made from the United States Government by the Ohio Company of Associates in 1787. Besides the collegiate department, the university has schools of music and commerce, a preparatory department, and a normal college. The bachelor's degree in arts, philosophy, science, and pedagogy is given in course and the master's degree after one year's graduate work. Tuition is free. The registration in 1903 was 551, and the faculty numbered 39. The library contains 17,500 volumes. The university receives about $7000 a year from its land endowment and about $70,000 by direct tax. The income for 1902 was $85,000, and the value of the college property was estimated at $400,000.