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PETRI, pā′trē̇ Olaus (1493-1552). A Swedish reformer, born at Orebro, in the Province of Nerike. He studied at Upsala and the University of Leipzig, and afterwards at Wittenberg, where he continued his theological studies under Luther and Melanchthon. Upon the recommendation of King Gustavus I. he was appointed town clerk of Stockholm and at the same time preached in the cathedral, where he fearlessly expounded and urgently pleaded for the introduction of the reformed religious service. He wrote the first hymn-book in Swedish, also a Swedish chronicle (to 1520). This was published in the Scriptores Rerum Succicarum Medii (1818). From 1531 to 1533 he was chancellor of the King, but his enthusiasm got him into trouble with his sovereign, and at one time seemed likely to cost him his life.—His brother, Laurentius (c. 1499-1573), was first Lutheran Archbishop of Sweden, and was born at Orebro. About 1527 he was appointed professor of theology at Upsala, and in 1531 he was elected first Lutheran Archbishop. He devoted his life to establishing the Reformed Church in this country. He drew up the first Swedish Evangelical Church order that was printed (1571), and with his brother translated the Bible into Swedish. He also wrote many theological treatises defending the principles of Church reform.