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RATZEBURG, rät′se-bo͞orK, Julius Theodor (1801-71). A German entomologist. He was born and educated in Berlin, where in 1828 he became privat-docent at the university. Two years afterwards, upon the removal of the Berlin Forestry School to Eberswalde, Ratzeburg became its professor of natural science. By his work there as a teacher and his publications, he ranks as the founder of the scientific treatment of entomology as related to forestry. Among his more important writings are: Die Forstinsekten (1837-44; 2d ed. 1885); Die Waldverderber und ihre Feinde (1842); Die Ichneumonen der Forstinsekten (1844); Waldverderbnis durch Insektenfrass (1866-68); some botanical treatises, and a Forstwissenschaftliches Schriftsteller-Lexikon, completed by Acherson and containing an autobiography (1874).