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REIFFERSCHEID, rī'fẽr-shīt, August (1835-87). A German archæologist and classical philologist, born and educated in Bonn. He received a traveling fellowship in archæology from the University of Bonn; spent 1861-66 mostly in Italy, being part of the time charged by the Vienna Academy to make archival research for the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum; and was professor at Breslau (1868-85), and from 1885 at Strassburg. His works include Suetoni præter Cæsarum Libros Reliquiæ (1860), the standard edition of these fragments; Bibliotheca Patrum Latinorum Italica (1865-72); Arnobius (1875); an edition of Anna Comnena's Alexias (1878); and a partial edition of Tertullian (edited by Wissowa, 1890).