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REINHART, rīn'härt, Charles Stanley (1844-96). An American genre painter and illustrator. He was born in Pittsburg, Pa. From 1868 to 1870 he studied at the Atelier Suisse, Paris, and at the Royal Academy, Munich, under Streyhüber and Otto. Upon his return to the United States he illustrated for various foreign and American magazines, and frequently exhibited works in oil, watercolors, and black-and-white at the National Academy. From 1881 to 1891 he resided in Paris, exhihiting regularly at the Salon, afterwards becoming a member of the Society of American Artists, New York. Reinhart excelled in black-and-white, his oils and water-colors being mostly marine views, painted in sombre but delicate colors. In oil are: the “Old Life Boat” (1880); “Mussel Fisherwomen” (1886); “Washed Ashore” (1887), which won the gold medal (Philadelphia, 1888); and the “Rising Tide” (1888), purchased by the Government at the Paris Exposition, 1889. His water-colors include “Gathering Wood” (1877), “At the Ferry” (1878), and the “Spanish Barber” (1884). Among his chief series in black-and-white are the “Reichstag Sketches,” “A Little Swiss Sojourn,” and “Americans Abroad.” Reinhart died in New York City, August 30, 1896.