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REINHOLD, rīn′hṓlt, Christian Ernst (1793-1855). A German philosopher, son of Karl Leonhard Reinhold, born at Jena. He at first lectured on philosophy at the University of Kiel, and afterwards was appointed professor of logic and metaphysics at the University of Jena. His philosophical system resembles Kant's. He published: Geschichte der Philosophie nach den Hauptmomenten ihrer Entwickelung (4th ed. 1584); Theorie des menschlichen Erkenntnisvermögens und Metaphysik (1832-34); Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Philosophie (3d ed. 1849), a work of much value; and System der Metaphysik (3d ed. 1854). Consult Apelt, Ernst Reinhold und die Kantsche Philosophie (Leipzig, 1840).