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SAN JOSÉ, Hṓ-sā′. The capital of Costa Rica, situated 44 miles east of Puntarenas, on the Pacific coast, and 68 miles west of Limón, on the Atlantic coast (Map: Central America, E 6). It is regularly built, with broad macadamized streets crossing at right angles, and all lighted by electric incandescent lamps. There are several fine squares containing park-like gardens. The most prominent buildings and institutions are the cathedral, the National Museum, the school of law, a seminary, the National Library, and the Institute of Physical Geography. The elevation of the town above the sea is 3868 feet. It has a temperate climate and a good water supply. It is the centre of a rich agricultural region, and the principal station on the transcontinental railroad from Limón to Puntarenas. Population, in 1897, 25,000. San José was founded in 1738 and became the capital of Costa Rica on the establishment of independence in 1823.