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SCHIPPER, shĭp'ẽr, Jakob (1842—). A German philologist and English scholar, born in Oldenburg. He studied modern languages in Bonn, Paris, Rome, and Oxford, collaborated on the revision of Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, and was professor of English philology at Königsberg from 1872 until 1877, when he received a like chair in Vienna. There he was elected to the Academy of Sciences in 1887, and acted as editor of the Wiener Beiträge zur englischen Philologie (1895-1900). He published Englische Metrik (1881-88), an important work, supplemented by a Grundriss der englischen Metrik (1895); Zur Kritik der Shakespeare-Bacon-Frage (1889), and Der Bacon-Bacillus (1896), and editions of the Alexis legends (1877-87), of Dunbar's poems (1892-94), and of Alfred's version of Bede's ecclesiastical history (1897-99).