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STURDZA, stōōrd'zȧ, Alexander (1791-1854). A Moldavian publicist and diplomat, educated in Germany and afterwards in the service of Russia. His Memoire sur l'état actuel de l'Allemagne, published at the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1818, by order of Alexander I., aroused great indignation in Germany because of the unbecoming levity with which its author arraigned the German national character and branded the universities as hotbeds of the revolutionary spirit and atheism. In 1819 he settled at Dresden, married a daughter of Hufeland, and subsequently retired to his estate of Mansyr, Bessarabia. Of his other writings may be mentioned La Grèce en 1821 (1822); a biography of Hufeland (1837); and Œvres posthumes religieuses, historiques, philosophiques et littéraires (1858-61).