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STURDZA, Demeter (1833—). A Rumanian statesman and author. He studied political science at Munich, Göttingen, Bonn, and Berlin, became Minister of Public Instruction in 1859, and was one of the most zealous promoters of the overthrow of Cuza and the election of Prince Charles of Hohenzollern, in 1866. In the Cabinet of Bratianu, 1876-88, he held repeatedly ministerial posts, and in 1895-96 presided over a National-Liberal Ministry. Again in 1897-99 and since 1901 he was at the head of the Government as president of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He wrote La Marche progressive de la Russie sur le Danube (1878); Uebersicht der Münzen und Medaillen des Fürstentums Rumänien (1874); Europa, Russia, Romania (1888); La question des portes de fer et des cataractes du Danube (1899); and Charles I., roi de Roumanie (1899 et seq.).