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VOLKMANN, Robert (1815-83). A German instrumental composer, born at Lommatzsch. He studied both organ and piano with his father, violin and 'cello with Friebel, and composition with Anacker at Freiberg and K. F. Becker at Leipzig, where he received great encouragement from Schumann. From 1839 to 1842 he taught music at Prague and finally settled at Pesth, where he spent most of his time, with the exception of a four years' stay at Vienna (1854-58). He was professor of harmony and counterpoint at the National Academy of Music for several years. Among his works are: For pianoforte solo, Phantasiebilder; Dithyrambe und Toccate; Souvenir de Mahrohl; Nocturne; Cavatine und Barcarole. For pianoforte duets, Sonatina; Musikalisches Liederbuch; Die Tageszeiten; three marches; Rondino and Marcia-Capriccio; transcriptions of his other works and variations for two pianofortes on a Handel theme. Among his vocal works are masses, offertories, sacred songs, and a Christmas carol of the twelfth century. He also wrote symphonies, serenades, and much instrumental music.