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WASHINGTON AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE AND SCHOOL OF SCIENCE. A co-educational State institution at Pullman, Wash., established in 1890 on the national land grant act. It offers partially elective courses in the departments of mathematics and civil engineering, chemistry, botany and zoölogy, agriculture, horticulture, English, economic science and history, mechanical engineering, modern languages, mining engineering, and military science and tactics, with supplementary courses in physics, geology, and mineralogy, Latin, and education. In addition, special instruction is provided in the schools of agriculture, dairying, pharmacy, veterinary science, and business, the school for artisans, and the preparatory school. Provision is also made for graduate instruction. The endowment consists of 190,000 acres of land, none of which has as yet been converted into funds, $25,000 annually from the Morrill Fund, $15,000 from the Hatch Fund, and State appropriations amounting for 1903-04 to $158,000. It had in 1903 a total attendance of 761, when its faculty numbered 59, and its library contained 5000 books and 2000 documents. The buildings and grounds were valued at $260,500 and the college property at $340,000. The gross income for 1902 was $115,000.