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WEBER, vā'bẽr, Albrecht (1825-1901). A German Orientalist. He was born at Breslau; studied at the universities of Breslau, Bonn, and Berlin, 1842-45, devoting himself especially to Sanskrit; visited England and France in connection with his studies, 1846; returned to Germany and was privat-docent at the University of Berlin, 1848-56. In 1856 he became professor of Indian languages and literature, holding this position until his death. Among his works the most important are his edition of the White Yajur Veda (1849-59); Indische Studien (1849-85); Akademische Vorlesungen über indische Litteraturgeschichte (2d ed. 1876, translated by Zachariae and Mann, London, 1878); Verzeichnis der Sanskrithandschriften der königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin (1853-92); a translation of Kalidasa's drama Mālarikā und Agnimitra (1856); an edition of Hala's Saptasataka (1881); Indische Streifen (1868-79); and numerous briefer contributions to Oriental periodicals. He also contributed much lexicographical material, especially from Vedic literature, to the Sanskrit-Wörterbuch of Böhtlingk (q.v.) and Roth (q.v.) (Saint Petersburg, 1852-75).