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Boerhaave (bōr' häv or bo͞or' hä-ve), Hermann, the most famous physician of the 18th century, was born near Leyden in 1668.  After a long and thorough course of study, he was appointed lecturer on the theory of medicine at the University of Leyden.  He devoted himself to chemistry, mathematics and botany, and besides his work in his own line he was for a time engrossed by these studies.  He published several works on medicine and a work on chemistry.  He became known throughout Europe, and patients and students flocked to him from all countries.  Peter the Great visited him and received instruction from him, and the story is told that a Chinese mandarin sent him a letter addressed “Boerhaave, celebrated physician, Europe.”  He was a brilliant lecturer, and his personal character was admirable.  After his death, in 1738, the city of Leyden raised a monument to his memory in the church of St. Peter, inscribed “To the Health-giving Skill of Boerhaave.”