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Martineau, James, an Englishman, a Unitarian minister and an author of note, was born at Norwich on April 21, 1825.  He was a brother of Harriet Martineau.  He was educated at private schools, and was ordained by the synod of Munster, Ireland, in 1828.  Dr. Martineau gradually moved farther and farther from the standards of the synod, but claimed to the last to be a Presbyterian minister.  He was appointed professor of philosophy in Manchester New College and, later, principal, serving in this institution from 1840 to 1886.  He followed the college when it moved to London in 1857.  He was a voluminous writer, chiefly upon philosophical and religious themes, his best-known works being The Rationale of Religious Inquiry; Endeavors after the Christian Life; Types of Ethical Theory; A Study of Religion; and The Relations Between Ethics and Religion.  He died at London, Jan. 11, 1900.