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Zu'lu (zōō'lōō) is the name of that portion of the Kafir race who inhabit Natal and the region northeast of it, until they gradually merge into the mere negro of the eastern coast north of the Zambezi. The Zulu is a more amiable savage than his brother of the Cape's frontier-districts. He is less warlike, more industrious and far more willing to act as farm-laborer or domestic servant. He by nature is social, light of heart and cheerful. His affections are steady and enduring, but his passions are strong and are called out in all their force in war. Whatever better nature he may possess, when his chief commands war he is converted into a demon. That the warlike qualities of the Zulus have not decayed was seen in the war that broke out in 1879 between England and Cetewayo (q. v.), the Zulu king.