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Zu'luland is a province of Natal, between it and Portuguese East Africa. Previous to the war of 1879 there was no good map of the Zulu country, and even yet we know little of its geology or mineral productions Asbestos of the Canadian or short-fiber variety has been discovered. The interior is healthy, fertile and arable. Rich goldreefs have been found, excellent coal is mined, and there is a railway to Tugela River. The principal rivers are Umvolozi or St. Lucia River, which enters the sea about 80 miles northeast of the former Natal frontier, and the Mapoota and its branches, which drain the north of the region and fall into Delagoa Bay. None of these rivers is available for inland navigation, although a large lagoon near the mouth of the St. Lucia can be ascended for a few miles. The rivers which flow into Delagoa Bay are sluggish streams, with scarcely perceptible currents, and can be ascended for some distance. The principal inhabitants are of the Zulu race, but the Portuguese have a settlement on Delagoa Bay where they carry on some trade with the natives and the Boers. In December of 1897 Zululand was incorporated with Natal under the British crown. Its area is 10,461 square miles, with an estimated population of 225,000 including 1,100 whites. It has a representative in the legislative council, and sends two members to the legislative assembly. See Natal.