The New York Times/1925/12/14/Robbers Chloroform 25 in Five Ohio Homes

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Then They Leisurely Ransack the Houses, Escaping With $1,300 in Cash and Jewels.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio, Dec. 13 (AP).—Sheriff's deputies tonight, after an all-day search, were without clues as to the identity of robbers who yesterday invaded the Village of Bradley, near here, chloroformed twenty-five persons and escaped with money and jewelry valued at $1,300.

The robbers confined their activities to five families. At the home of David Landers five were chloroformed, six in the house of Dewey Lyons, four in the home of Joseph Daranek, three in David Harbison's home and seven in the home of Julius Legross. Officials tonight were continuing their investigation of places where the bandits might have obtained the chloroform.

Entering the homes the robbers put their victims under the influence of the anesthetic and for several hours deliberately and systematically ransacked the five houses. A number of the homes were entered by means of skeleton keys.

Some of the victims recovered consciousness about noon and notified the authorities here, who proceeded to the mining village. A number of those put under the anesthetic were still sleeping when officers arrived.

All the victims had fully recovered today, reports said, and had suffered no ill effects. The robbers in each home opened windows so as to insure recovery from effects of the chloroform.