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French Deputy Also is Dissatisfied With Debt Settlement Procedure.Copyright, 1925, by The New York Times Company.
Special Cable to The New York Times

PARIS, Dec. 13,—Deputy Louis Marin, who a year ago caused a political stir by his demand in the Chamber that the estimate of France's indebtedness to her allies be based on her sacrifices in life and resources, today at Lyons, in a speech setting forth the Nationalist program, reiterated that argument in these terms:

"No discussion can be begun except on a firm juridic basis which takes account of the whole contribution and profits of all the beligerents and resolves them into general compensation."

While in the abstract such a solution of the debt question is one which all Frenchman hold to be only just, only M. Marin and a few of his friends still consider any purpose can be served by seeking to make practical politics of that viewpoint.

This is what he says of the Locarno treaties:

"The compact of Locarno only aggravates the precariousness of our security by the consecration of a situation which we still hoped was only temporary. It places us under the tutelage of England and is based on the signature of Germany on one more scrap of paper. Our security should depend on the assurance of the force of a well-trained army and solid alliances."