The Odes and Carmen Saeculare/Book 1/Part 21

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Dianam teneræ.

OF Dian's praises, tender maidens, tell;
Of Cynthus' unshorn god, young striplings, sing;
And bright Latona, well
Beloved of Heaven's high King.
Sing her that streams and silvan foliage loves,
Whate'er on Algidus' chill brow is seen,
In Erymanthian groves
Dark-leaved, or Cragus green.

Sing Tempe too, glad youths, in strain as loud,
And Phœbus' birthplace, and that shoulder fair,
His golden quiver proud
And brother's lyre to bear.
His arm shall banish Hunger, Plague, and War
To Persia and to Britain's coast, away
From Borne and Cæsar far,
If you have zeal to pray.