The Patchwork Girl of Oz (film)

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For works with similar titles, see The Patchwork Girl of Oz.
The Patchwork Girl of Oz  (1914) 
by John Farrell MacDonald
A young boy named Ojo lives in poverty with his laconic uncle Unc Nunkie in the woods of the Munchkin Country in Oz. They visit their neighbor, the magician Dr. Pipt who is about to complete the six-year process of preparing the magical Powder of Life, which can bring inanimate objects to life. Pipt's wife has constructed a life-sized stuffed girl out of patchwork, and wishes her husband to animate her to serve as an obedient household servant. The Powder of Life successfully animates the patchwork girl, but an accident causes both Pipt's wife and Unc Nunkie to be turned to stone. Dr. Pipt tells Ojo that he must obtain five ingredients to make a compound to counteract the petrifaction spell.
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In scene
L. Frank Baum's Whimsical Fairy Tale
With Original Music By Louis F. Gottschalk
Staged By J. Farrell Macdonald

Copyrighted, 1914 by L. Frank Baum


Ojo, a Munchkin Boy...Violet MacMillan
Unc Nunkie, Ojo's only friend and guardian......Frank Moore.

"There are no more Loaves on the Bread-Tree that grows in our yard. Tell me Unc Nunkie, why are we so poor?"

"Let us go to the Emerald City, where there is plenty for all. No one ever starves in the Land of Oz, but to get food we must go where it is."

Dr. Pipt, the crooked Magician........
.......Raymond Russell.
Margolotte, his wife..Haras Dranet.

Dr. Pipt has been six years making a Magic Powder of Life..

"I'm tired doing my own work! Hurry and finish that Magic Powder, and i'll make a servant girl and bring her to life with it."

Margolotte Searches for Material to Make a Servant Girl.

Jesseva, the Magician's Daughter, and her sweetheart, Danx the Munchkin.

Mewel, a Waif and Stray......
.........Mr. Fred Woodward.



End Of Part- 1


"Oh, no; she has no brains, the fewer brains the better servant."






Ojo slyly gives the Patchwork Girl brains.

The Powder of Life is nearly ready.

No Admission
Except On Pleasure.

"To make more Powder of Life would mean stirring four kettles with both hands and both feet for six long weary years and I am too tired to undertake the task"

"That bunch of Scraps has caused all our trouble."


Magic Recipes-#61

For Ye Liquids
Of Petrifaction.

R-3 hairs from ye ende of a woozy's taile....
1-Six-leaved clover(green)
1-gill of water
FROM A Dark well
Cook ye magic ingredientes in ye Black water and apply compound to whatever is petrified. Ye thyng will then come to in 6 seconds by a silver watch...

"I will find the Dark Well."

"I hate to go leave my Love here alone, Father, can't you reduce him in size, so I can take poor Danx with me."

Ojo and Jesseva go to find a Woozy and a Six-Leaved Clover.



The Woozy.....Mr. Fred Woodward.


"Mr. Woozy,
We want three hairs from the end of your tail..."

"The only way to get the Three Hairs is to take the Woozy with us."

"I can't climb out; but if you can make me angry my eyes will flash fire and burn a hole through the fence."

The Woozy is free at last.

The Arrival of Jinjur, a maid from the Emerald City.

The Wall of Optical Illusion.

Jinjur falls in love with the statue of Danx

"You see the Wall, but it's not there. Follow me and I will prove it."

"Take care! It is against the Law of Oz to pluck a Six-Leaved Clover."

The Soldier with the Green Whiskers Guards the Gate of the Emerald City.

Ojo Breaks the Law.

"That girl yonder has stolen a Six Leaved Clover."

"That Statue belongs to me."

The Royal Barracks.

The Guardian of the Gate.

The Soldier, beset by the Munchkins, rings the great Alarm Bell.

End Of Part- 3


The Garb of a Royal Prisoner.

The Patchwork Girl gets the Statue of Danx.

The Patchwork Girl does not recognize her friends in their prison garb.

Dr. Pipt, seeking a Dark Well, comes to the House of Magic.

The Lonesome Zoop.

This Way
Only Hoppers Allowed



"You have one leg too many. The Law of the Hoppers obliges me to cut the extra one off."

The Patchwork Girl in her flight overtakes Dr. Pipt.

Spare my Master! Take my leg instead.

The Jolly Tottenhots.

Jinjur Recovers the Statue of Danx.

End Of Part- 4

"Do you know where there is a Dark Well?" asked Dr. Pipt. "Sure," said the Horners; "We have a fine Dark Well in our lower Caverns."

"Walk up the fence; it's easy."

The Incline leading to the Dark Well.

The Throne Room of Ozma of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz.

"Your Highness, these are the Prisoners who Stole the Six-Leaved Clover."

"Summon the Royal Jury."

The Royal Jury confers.

"I've found the Dark Well!"

"Have mercy gentle Ruler, and permit me to restore the statues to life."

"Let the Magician perform his Magic—if he can!"

"I command you, Wizard, to bring the Statues here, in my presence."


"Here are two of the Statues the third is missing."

"Here is the Third Statue," Said Dr. Pipt.

"Soldier, arrest that Girl!"


The End

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1926.

The author died in 1952, so this work is also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 60 years or less. This work may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.