The Prayer of Millions

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The Prayer of Millions  (1917) 

From the National Archives and Records Administration, Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S); Record Group 4: Records of the U.S. Food Administration, 1917 - 1920; Series: World War I Posters, compiled 1917 - 1919; ARC #512590

The Prayer of Millions

Oh, Wonderful American People! You who have strength and abundance, heed our hourly supplication for sustenance and help.

Can you not see the uplifted, pleading hands of the starving millions who are beseeching you to share from your tables of plenty, just the little that will keep life in our racked bodies and souls, so torn by grief, hunger and deprivation?

God and conscience are witnessing every act and those who have so mercilessly inflicted this indescribable torture upon us shall pay the exact toll.

May God for ever spare your Mothers from the piercing, deafening, heart-wrenching wails, such as we hear from our weak, emaciated babies, and we stand by so helpless.

Knowing the pure American unselfishness and the great hearts that beat within your strong bodies, we entreat you to save us, but it must be quickly or it will be too late for some.

May the Great God in the Heavens bestow upon your land and your people His richest blessings for your kindness and assistance already given. This Prussian carnage is adding daily to our terrors and suffering: we implore you to heed our prayers.

If you actually realized our true conditions it would be needless for your splendid President to even request the conservation of food.

Oh Hear us, Great People, in these terrifying hours of our need.

Suffering Europe

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