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1845. January 29. "The Raven" published in the Evening Mirror, New York.
" February In The American Review, as by "Quarles."
" "8. Republished in The Broadway Journal, New York.
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1846. "The Raven and Other Poems," London. The first English reprint. 16mo.
1850. In volume two of the Works: the first posthumous publication.
1869. "Der Rabe." Uebersetzt von Carl Theodore Eben. Illustrationen von David Scattergood, Philadelphia. 8vo.
1869. "The Raven," complete, Glasgow, 24mo.
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1883. "The Raven." Illustrated by Gustave Doré. With a Comment upon the Poem by Edmund Clarence Stedman. London and New York. Folio.