The Raven and the Birds

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Of the hawke and of other byrdes /

The ypocrytes maken to god a berd of strawe / As recyteth to vs this fable / Of a hawke / whiche somtyme fayned / that he wold haue celebred and holden a natall or a grete feste / the whiche fest shold be celebred within a Temple / And to this feste and solempnyte he Inuyted and somoned alle the smal byrdes / to the whiche they came / And Incontynent as they were all come in to the temple / the hauk shette the gate and put them alle to dethe / one after an other /

And therfore this fable sheweth to vs / how we must kepe our self fro all them / whiche vnder fayre semynge haue a fals herte / and that ben ypocrytes and deceptours of god and of the world /