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The Riverside song book/A Midsummer Song

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Richard Watson Gilder. Franz Abt.


1. Oh fa - thers gone to mark - et-town he was up be - fore the day,

2. From all the mist-y morn-ing air there comes a - sum - mer sound,

3. A - bove the trees the hon - ey bees swarm by with buzz and boom. 4. How strange at such a time of day the mill should stop its clatter!

And Ja-mie's aft - er rob - ins, and the man is mak -ing hay,

A murmur as of wa - ters, from skies and trees and ground.

And in the field and gar - den a thousand bios - soms bloom;

The farm-er's wife is listen-ing now, and won-ders what's the matter.

And whistling down the hol - low goes the boy who minds the mill,

The birds they sing up - on the wing, the pig- eons bill and coo;

"Within the far-mer's mead - ow, a brown-eyed dais - y blows.

Oh, wild the birds are sing - ing in the wood and on the hill.

While moth - er from the kitchen door is call - ing with a will

And o - ver hill an hol - low rings a-gain the loud hal - loo:

And down at the edge of the hol - low a red and thorn- y rose.

While whist - ling up the hol - low goes the boy that minds the mill.

Pol - ly! Pol - ly!

Oh, Pol - ly! the cows are in the corn! Oh, where’s Pol-ly?

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.