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The Riverside song book/Ben Bolt

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Thomas Dunn English. Nelson Kneass.

1 . Oh! don't you re - mem-ber sweet Al - ice, Ben Bolt,

2. Un - der the hick- o - ry tree, Ben Bolt,

3. And don't you re - mem-ber the school, Ben Bolt,

4. There is change in the things I loved, Ben Bolt,

Sweet Al - ice whose hair was so brown,

Which stood at the foot of the hill,

With the mas - ter so kind and so true.

They have changed from the old to the new.

Who wept with de - light when you gave her a smile.

To - geth - er we've lain in the noon - day shade.

And the shad - ed nook by the run - ning brook,

But I feel in the depths of my spir - it the truth.

And trem-bled with fear at your frown? In the

And list - ened to Ap - ple - ton's mill. The

Where the fair - est wild flowers grew? Grass

There nev - er was change in you.

old church - yard, in the val - ley, Ben Bolt,

mill - wheel has fal - len to piec - es, Ben Bolt,

grows on the mas - ter's grave, Ben Bolt,

Twelve - months twen - ty have passed, Ben Bolt,

In a cor - ner ob - scure and a - lone;

The raf - ters have turn - bled in,

The spring of the brook is dry,

Since first we were friends — yet I hail

They have fit - ted a slab of the gran - ite so gray. And sweet

And a qui-et that crawls round the walls as you gaze. Has

And of all the boys who were school - mates then, There are

Thy presence a bless - ing, thy friendship a truth, Ben

Al - ice lies un - der the stone, - der the stone,

fol - lowed the old - en din, - en din.

on - ly you and I, and I.

Bolt of the salt sea gale, sea gale.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.