The Riverside song book/Our Country

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John Greenleaf Whittier. Arr. from Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.


1. We give thy na - tal day to hope, O

2. Thy pledge of freed - dom moves the world, And

3. Great, with - out seek - ing to be great By

coun-try of our love and prayer! Thy way is

all who hear it turn to thee, And read up-

fraud or con - quest; rich in gold. But rich - er

down no fa - tal slope, But up to free - er sun and air.

on thy flag un - furled The proph- e - cies of des - ti - ny.

in the large es - tate Of vir - tue which thy chil - dren hold;

The fa - thers sleep, but men re - main. As wise, as true, and brave as

Thy great world-les - son all shall learn. The na - tions in thy school shall

With peace that comes of pu - ri - ty. And strength to sim- ple jus - tice they; Why count the loss and not the gain? The

sit, Earth's far - thest moun - tain - tops shall burn With

due, So runs our loy - al dream of thee; God

best is that we have to - day. O Land of lands! to thee we

watch-fires from thy own up - lit. O Land of lands! to thee we

of our fa - thers! make it true. O Land of lands! to thee we

give Our prayers, our hopes, our ser - vice free; For thee thy

sons shall no - bly live, And at thy need shall die for thee!