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The Riverside song book/Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground

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The Riverside song book
Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground by Walter Kittredge


Walter Kittredge. Walter Kittredge


1. We're tent - ing to - night on the old Camp - ground;

2. We're tent - ing to - night on the old Camp - ground,

3. We are tired of war on the old Camp - ground;

4. We've been fight - ing to - day on the old Camp - ground;

Give us a song to cheer Our wea - ry hearts, a

Think - ing of days gone by, Of the loved ones at home that

Man - y are dead and gone Of the brave and true who've

Man - y are ly - ing near: Some are dead, and

song of home, And friends we love so dear,

gave us the hand. And the tear that said "good -bye!"

left their homes, Oth - ers been wound-ed long.

Some are dying, Man-y the fall - ing tear.


Man - y are the hearts that are wea - ry to - night,

Wish- ing for the war to cease; Man - y are the hearts

look - ing for the right, To see the dawn of peace.

Vs. 1.2.3. Tenting to-night, tent-ing to-night, Tent-ing on the old Camp-ground.

Vs. 4. Dy-ing to-night, dy - ing to-night, Dy - ing on the old Camp-ground.